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There are three types of gun safe locks: biometric locks, keypad locks, and mechanical locks. Relating to selecting the very best safe locks, it’s usually a query of would you like the traditional look and old school reliability of a mechanical lock or would you like the benefit-of-use an digital lock offers? In most cases, you'll be able to buy a new gun protected with the kind of locking mechanism of your choice. Older gun safes will also be retrofitted by a talented gun safe technician primarily based on your wants. From gun safes with combination locks to gun safes with fingerprint locks and keypad locks, there are a large number of locks from which to choose. The choices run the gamut when it comes to price and high quality. However as with most things in life, with regards to safe locks, you get what you pay for. As a professional gun secure technician, I’ve worked on almost each kind of locking mechanism. The next recommendations are primarily based on my experience repairing and changing hundreds of safe locks. That is palms down the most effective biometric lock obtainable. No other fingerprint lock works as consistently. Unlike many biometric locks that run on more than one battery, the Securam Scanlogic lock runs on a single battery. Additionally, it’s outfitted with a keypad. Both the Securam ProLogic L01 and Sargent Greenleaf Titan are extra reliable than a lot of the keypad locks in the marketplace. During service calls, we’ve seen a relatively low charge of field issues. Additionally, keypads are the commonest failure level of a keypad gun safe lock - requiring a gun protected technician to open the secure and replace the keypad lock. Both the Securam ProLogic and the Sargent Greenleaf Titan have a protracted keypad lifespan. Mechanical locks are the oldest locking mechanism nonetheless in use at this time. They offer a traditional look and long run reliability. Both locks are nearly equivalent. The first distinction is, the 6730 has a dial torque adjuster. This allows you to customize how a lot force it takes to turn the dial. When you’re contemplating which locking mechanism is best for you, it’s actually a personal choice. Unquestionably, digital locks (including biometric locks and keypad locks) are easier to make use of and quicker to open. Nonetheless, for some, the old skool reliability and longevity of a mechanical dial lock wins out. It also offers a more classic look, if you are inserting your gun secure in a distinguished position. Another consideration is, will you wish to open your gun secure at the hours of darkness? In that case, a mixture lock might be more difficult to open without any gentle. This can be overcome with a Lock Light (a small light mounted on your protected just above your locking mechanism). Can I change the lock on my secure? Usually, yes. The lock on most gun safes may be changed. Nonetheless, it’s strongly really helpful that an experienced gun protected technician replaced your lock. This prevents any harm from occurring to your protected. Additionally, in most cases, replacing your locking mechanism your self will void your guarantee. Be taught extra about altering your handbook lock to an digital lock. Ought to I get a dual lock? A ‘dual lock,’ is an digital lock that has both a keypad and a key. We by no means suggest a twin entry lock. Not only are they not U.L. Furthermore, dual locks are usually not compatible with most safes. When it’s time to restore them, we often have to drill a brand new template - which can be an costly endeavor. What if I neglect my mixture? Forgetting your mixture is extra widespread than you suppose. When you've got a mechanical lock, knowledgeable gun safe technician can help you get better a forgotten mixture. To ensure that you to easily be capable to entry it, you want to be sure to register your guarantee. If in case you have an electronic lock, a secure technician can assist you to reset your code remotely, after they have verified possession. To confirm ownership remotely, you should have the unique sales receipt or be on file with your gun protected technician. Can I change the combination of my dial lock? Yes, it is possible to alter the combination of a dial lock. A gun safe technician with particular instruments will need to set the brand new combo. Doing so will mean your combination is no longer registered with your gun safe producer. This can provide you with an added stage of safety. It can even make it troublesome (if not impossible) to get well your combination should you neglect it.

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